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Interesting Insights from the Sleep Doctor

May 23, 2011 6 comments

InsomniaEarlier this year, I’d been having trouble sleeping. Especially so on class nights, when I’d get home late and still feel energized and wound up.

A friend of mine gave me a sleep CD (thank you for that, by the way) which, after several weeks of procrastination and stubbornness, I eventually tried. To my surprise, it wasn’t a “fall asleep to me” CD. It was more of an audiobook, NOT designed to be listened to at bedtime.

The voice on the CD was that of Dr. Gregg Jacobs, a sleep disorders specialist from the University of Massachusetts Medical School. In each of his five or so tracks, he would discuss a different concept, and the idea was that you would listen to one track per week and work on a different concept over the course of that week.

I found his information interesting and useful. There were one or two concepts he touched on that especially perked my ears, concepts that have usefulness way beyond merely trying to sleep better. Read more…